Here we are again, with a Yule present for you all, A COMIC! It’s been an interesting month, with good things and tragic things.  First, a good thing!  Someone did fan art for Quark Time!  Permit me for a moment…squeeeeee! I’m really touched and jazzed that someone thought well enough of this comic to do an homage of it, so even though it was in the comments of a previous post, I’m going to point to it again!

Picture of Jenny Blue by The Beholder

I’m really tickled…thank you.

And now, on the negative side. There have been some tragedies lately that have rocked the nation, rocked the world. I feel intense sorrow for what happened in Connecticut. I have been praying for those children, the adult victims, and the parents and families of the fallen since the event.

I will not get into the politics of this event here — it is being politicized more than enough elsewhere, and have no desire to burden my comic with it. I do not want comments either for or against guns on my comic, please. If you are in my circles on G+, I will discuss it rationally there, or in emails.  But not HERE.  Let’s leave this space for words of compassion and caring — as we who practice Zen would say, metta practice, expressions of loving kindness.

Everyone please have the best possible holiday season, however you may celebrate it. I wish you, your loved ones, your families, your friends, peace and contentment. May you be free from harm.  May you know freedom and security in these troubled times. And may you know that you are loved.