We’ve got a guest comic this week from Ed Gedeon, who does one of my favorite comics, Everyday Heroes.  Ed’s also been a great inspiration to me, and has been wonderful moral support to me while I got my artist feet under me.  I appreciate this delightful guest comic while I’m still trying to get Volume 2’s initial artwork shot.

I’ll have the cover art for Volume 2 for you next week, but this week has been a mess.  I think I may have an ear infection, and between terrible vertigo, doctor appointments for other, unrelated things (my eyes are fine, thank goodness, and so is my heart), I’ve been sick as a dog for several days now and working on artwork has just not been among the things I’ve been able to do for the latter half of the week.  But I’m progressing apace with the project, will have something for next week, and should have a good leg up on the buffer for the following weeks.

I want to put a little effort into cleaning up some of the earlier pages before I get volume 1 out to the printer, to make everything a little more consistent.  The earlier pages were done while I was still feeling my way about, working out a cohesive style, so a few bits here and there were a little rough.  I can smooth some of that and make a paper edition a little more enjoyable, and, as a bonus, a little better than what’s posted on the website.  So I’m taking my time on that and doing it right.   I’m about a month later than anticipated because I went to 28 pages internally instead of 24, so I’m still on schedule, as far as that goes.

If anyone else wants to submit guest art, it will be greatly appreciated.  Send to quarktime+guestart at gmail dot com.