Ooooh, the plot thickens!  And no, he’s not a Time Lord, despite any superficial resemblance to a Gallifreyan regeneration! It’s nothing like that, really.  That’s my story (literally), and I’m sticking to it.  Any resemblances to any evil rogue Time Lords, living, dead, or ravenous cyborg, trapped in the Time Vortex for all eternity with Rassilon and the Council of Time Lords is purely coincidental.  Really. (Even though I really thought Anthony Ainley was one of the best-looking and most debonair Big Bads in history.)

I have bad news on a peripheral topic.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, the DigiCon in February had to be cancelled. It’s all about car accidents and sudden expenses in the convention committee, and family emergencies trump everything — we all understand what happened, and we’ll just reschedule it for later down the road, and not worry about it.  That’s the beauty of the whole DigiCon concept; if there’s an insurmountable problem, we can reschedule it without having to break hotel contracts, deal with pro contract failure clauses, food spoilage, you name it.  Our con committee member can handle the emergency without having to worry, and later we’ll just have the con and everyone will be happy.   I’ll keep you posted.