Wow, I’m really sorry about the long gap, but it was unavoidable.  There were two trips out of state in there, one to my mother’s funeral, and one to InterventionCon — one for a sad reason, one for a happy one.  But regardless of the reason, the trips took me from my machine and depleted my energy.  Then there’s the change of weather, which hit me harder than I expected, and left me aching and sore, the replacement of my recliner, which required that we spend days cleaning the living room and preparing for the change, and making space for items coming from my Mom’s house.

In general, things have been a little chaotic here in the past month or two. I haven’t even had a drawing lesson in that time. There just haven’t been the minutes in a row where I wasn’t either nearly unconscious or in pain.  So sorry about the little break in the story (I refuse to say “hiatus”, it wasn’t one, and it won’t be).

The title refers to a 1980 song by Hoyt Axton, “Della and the Dealer”, an old favorite of mine.  I’ve taken some liberties with the cat’s gender, but in this context I doubt it matters.  I love this song and Axton’s performance because of his incredible voice — that rumbling bass when he hits the low notes makes me shiver.

I’ll try to update more often after this, and I hope to have Issue #2 out in paper soon. I realize I’ve been remiss in that.