Here’s a comic, only a couple of days late.  I’m getting my strength back.   It has been a rough few weeks, getting used to the change of weather.  It’s always a tough period, until my lungs get used to the cold air.  I’m prone to bronchitis, and it turns into pneumonia all too easily, so I’ve been living on antihistamines for the past month and a half, while the pollen and mold goes through its craziness.

The shorter days are also a bit of a mess.  I get cranky (well, crankier) in the darker months, so I got myself a Varilux work light.  If you’re not familiar with them, they are very high-efficiency fluorescent lights that give the full spectrum. They say the free-standing lights aren’t bright enough to claim to fight seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but I think it helps a little.  If nothing else, it really chases away the gloom well, and it doesn’t eat up power like an incandescent bulb.  It also shows true colors, because it’s full spectrum light.