And we’re back!  Sorry for the extended break, things have been rather busy over here. Like I said last time, I’ve been working on getting more active physically, and doing more rather than less. This means not only do I spend more time doing other things, I use up strength.  A website I saw once likened it to having just “so many spoons” to allocate to everything during the day, and I just “run out of spoons” after a bit.

I’ve been helping get my van put to rights, not too much of a job, since it was in pretty good shape when we got it, but there’s always a bit of personalizing to do. There are old bits of equipment that have to be removed and replaced with newer, and personal gear to add. I had to add a steering wheel cover and a steering knob, and the special mirrors to help me steer it.  It was a job of work to add the UHF/VHF amateur radio to it, and I’ve put off the HF gear for now — it’ll be an even bigger job and I don’t want to do it right away.

I’ve also been taking my art lessons when I’ve been able, both from my tutor AND from Comics Experience. I learned a lot from the Comics Experience “Intro to Comic Art” class, and am still learning a lot from my tutor.  I also went to the Great Allentown Comic Convention and visited with some truly excellent folks.

All this takes energy I’m not used to expending, and it makes me feel like I’ve been beaten with hammers, about like most people would feel after a 20-mile hike with a full field pack.  I’m unbelievably glad that the new van lets me deploy my chair by myself, but I’m still not used to doing that, and while I can drive the van, I haven’t driven anything in going on 4 years, so it wrings me out like a dishrag.

I’m also working on another Secret Project that will be announced here in a few months.  I’m working on that one a bit more slowly, though.

I’m sorry it takes me away from the story, but it’s for a good cause.  So here’s your page!