This is a non-arc short, that I did at this weekend’s DigiCon.  It’s a response to a terrible tragedy that struck a young man in St. Louis named Mike Meyer, who was robbed of a large chunk of his Superman collection by an unscrupulous person. Now, artists all over are sending him Superman art to replenish his collection.  DigiCon had a “Superman for Mike” event, to make artwork specifically for him.  I don’t work very fast, so I had to start on Friday, but I think I did pretty well.

As a result, I don’t have a story page this week.  Sorry, I’ll try to have one before I go to Intervention.  No promises, though, since I have an extra in it whose schedule I can’t control!  (Don’t ask me to explain, it’s complicated.)

Superman is property of DC Comics (or the Siegel/Shuster families, depending on the current status of the various lawsuits).  This piece is done solely as an homage, if they complain, it’ll come down.   The usual Jenny disclaimer applies, see the About page.