Aaand we’re back!  We pick up the storyline from last August, with Captain Maggie and Suiko, whom we last saw on the smuggler’s space station of Dismas Point.  We left on a cliffhanger, and we return on a nutcracker.

On an unrelated note, if anyone knows where to get a really good, high-quality, heavy-duty recliner — power lift is optional — please let me know. I need one that can stand up to being used pretty much all the time, has good back support, especially when reclined, and with a manufacturer or seller that will maintain it on site for a reasonable price, or with a service contract.  I’m willing to pay for what I get, I don’t want cheap, I want good.

I’ll be attending Intervention Con coming up in September. I don’t plan to have a table, I like being able to go to the panels and hang out.  Maybe someday, when I have more to offer at a convention, I’ll get a table.