Jenny Everywhere(s)

Jenny Everywhere (Prime)

This Jenny had a very bad dream, in which she attended a public viewing for another, dead Jenny Everywhere. There were other Jennies present, some two non-human. Prior to her “arrival” at the eerie funeral parlor, Jenny-Prime had an odd flash of information from another source: the dead Jenny herself. She could recall who had killed the deceased, and many other dead Jennies. The odd thing was that none of them had any knowledge of any other Jennies being killed. In fact, as hard as they tried, they could not remember the death of any other Jenny, though they could remember what any other given Jenny had eaten for breakfast. Her goggles are green.

Jenny Everywhere (Blue)

Jenny-Blue “heard” Jenny-Prime’s feelings of distress and angst “all the way in the Iron Empire” and came to her aid in the Infinite, and ended up discovering that she herself had been among those at the dream funeral. She could not recall the dream, the deaths, or what she had been told during the dream. This disturbs her mightily. Jenny-Prime calls her “Blue” because she wears blue goggles, even though she has blazing red hair and green eyes.

Jenny Everywhere (Star)

Jenny-Star looks remarkably like Jenny-Prime, except for her longer hair. Her clothes are also subtly different, and her scarf is longer, more sheer, and disturbingly mobile. Jenny-Prime calls her “star” because she wears a shirt with a big star on it. She was one of the attendees of the dream funeral.

Jenny Everywhere (Cargo)

One of the attendees of the dream funeral, she is a little stockier, a little rounder, with wilder hair and a pair of big, comfy cargo pants. Yes, that’s where she gets the sobriquet.

Jenny-Fox Everywhere

Jenny-Fox is a bipedal black fox with a fondness for fine brocades and multi-grain toast. She was an attendee of the dream funeral.

Jenny Everywhere (Garv)

Jenny-Garv is an alien, a humanoid, thinly gray-furred denizen of Garv II, a planet known in its own universe for acutely sharp space traders. She wore red goggles and a red scarf, and bore her Fuzzy, a small, pink, shapechanging symbiont and projective empath on her shoulder. She was an attendee of the dream funeral.

Jenny Everywhere (Biker)

Jenny-Biker has spiked hair, grungy clothes, chunky boots, and rides a sweet motorcycle. She was minding her own business, riding along on a beautiful day, when a bad man with a bad little box did nasty things to her in a tunnel. Dead, as far as we know.

Jenny Everywhere (Dead)

Jenny-Dead looks pretty much exactly like Jenny-Prime except for her goggles, which are of a different style, oddly enough, the same style as Jenny-Garv’s. When we “meet” Jenny-Dead, she’s, well, dead. She’s laid out in her coffin in the Funeral Home of Dreams, with a plate of toast by her head and a waxen smile on her face. Only Jenny-Prime has any idea what happened to her, and she has no idea how she came by the knowledge, or why no one else has it.


Demosthenes Locke

This is the Big Bad who has killed, as far as anyone can tell, somewhere around 500 Jenny Everywheres. He lured them to his own world, using a bio-mechanical construct — a “toaster monster” — to trigger their instincts for trouble, and ambushed them upon arrival. He seems to be wildly intelligent, but also strangely disturbed. He has now developed a hand-held device that enables him to travel between universes through a rift-like construct, and to wound and kill with whiplike tendrils of energy. His claim is that he learned how to build this device by studying the Jennies he captured and killed. He has said, on several occasions, that he wants something from the Jennies, something that was his that was taken from him that he knows they either have or can return. So far, the Jennies have been unable to decipher this demand, since no Jenny currently alive except for Jenny-Prime knows or can remember anything about him.

For those paying attention, yes, this is somewhat of an homage to the screen names used by Valentine and Peter Wiggin in the Ender Chronicles by Orson Scott Card.   Neither Demosthenes nor Locke — the real ones — were sinister nor crazy, nor were the characters created by Card.  Maybe there’s something in that.  We shall see.

Macbeth Shostakovich

Mac is an itinerant spacehand and general roustabout in Washtown, a favorite haunt of Jenny-Prime’s. He does odd jobs, menial labor, sometimes tends bar, and is a good shot with colinear plasma gun arrays on small-to-mid-sized armed merchant freighters. He has also been seen to look longingly at Jenny Everywhere from time to time, but whether there is history there has not been revealed.

Captain Maggie Darwin

Captain Maggie is owner-operator of the Bison-class freighter Cardinal Function, a small but relatively profitable craft that counts Washtown among her ports of call.

Suiko Carver

Suiko is a pretty young lady with a serious crush on Jenny-Prime. She wears a metal collar that leads some to think she is a bonded servant, but it is simply a “tech toy” that she says can do some interesting tricks. Though she rents a bed at the Hoban, she is no wench to be casually tumbled. She’s actually a third-class pilot between berths.

Others we see from time to time

CoolLuke Sands

Mayor of Washtown. All around nice guy.

Lena Lei

A regular at the Hoban. Jenny-Prime once spent about a week camped out on her couch.

Captain Simmons

Another ship captain who frequents the Hoban. A stolid kind of fellow who believes “whimsy” means hanging fuzzy dice from your scanner.