I’ve had some questions from friends about my comic-creation workstation, and how I manage to edit artwork given that I’ve got major spinal damage.  The injury prevents me from getting out and around, from lifting and carrying, and from sitting at a desk, so I need an arrangement that lets me recline frequently and doesn’t stress my neck.  We spent a little and got a high-quality, heavy-duty power recliner, and a special VESA-compatible monitor arm the recliner would hold in place.  I can’t use a standard keyboard for long because it puts too much strain on my neck, so I use a special ergonomic keyboard by SafeType that moves the typing surfaces vertical so the hands don’t have to rotate unnaturally.  I use a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet, and a Logitech wireless trackball.  All of this sits on a sweet bentwood lap table that adjusts into the space in the chair.

When I’m in severe pain, and still need to work, I can enter text using Dragon Naturally Speaking (I have version 11, which works pretty well), or worst case, if my voice is too unsteady, I can start up a program called Comax and enter Morse Code using my mouse buttons or a ham radio iambic paddle and at least enter short tweets and chat text.

My computer is how I stay in touch with the world, and my comic is my latest attempt at reaching out to others.  I used to be a programmer and a help desk consultant.  Now, I’m in so much pain every day, I can’t do what I used to do.  I’m very glad I’ve found something new and creative that I can do, despite my limits.