I was inspired by all of the kind words of the commenters recently, and dredged up some energy to get this page put together.

I’m still out here, but I’ve had a few shakeups.  I hadn’t been feeling well for a while after the last page, and I’m pretty sure it was because my right kidney wasn’t functioning properly. I found out I was right at the end of May, when I was hammered with a massive kidney stone attack that put me in the hospital for the better part of a week.  If you haven’t had a kidney stone, you don’t want one. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life, including the pain from my neck. They got me stable, but determined that the 1.5cm stone wasn’t going to pass on its own, so the doctor had to go after it with a laser and chop it up. That, and all of the recovery, took all of June’s energy.

Then, in August, came the laser surgery on my eyes for the incipient glaucoma that was starting to rear its ugly head.  That took a few more weeks — first a consultation, then one eye, then the other.  I had reasonable energy, but my eyes hurt from having little holes zapped in the iris to prevent pressure buildup. The right eye still aches a little, but I think it actually improved my vision. The creeping glaucoma was causing very slight blurring, which seems to be gone now.

I’ve had three kicks in the pants in the past few days to get the comic back on track. First, the Collective of Heroes, in which I was an honor roll member, restructured their site.  I got a very nice email saying that since my comic wasn’t updating regularly, they had to take me off the honor roll. Of course, if I get back to updating, they’ll put me back on, so I thanked them politely and pounded my forehead on the table for a while.  Second, I got some wonderful comments from some very dedicated fans, who sent me good energy and thoughts.  I’m pretty sure that good energy made the difference. Third, and probably the saddest for me was that I missed Jenny Everywhere Day! Arrrrgh…

*Sigh…*  Let’s see if I can take a stab at getting this comic back on track.