You’ve probably noticed that I’m having some issues with the weekly publishing schedule.  This is largely because I’ve got more stuff taking up more of my time, the weather has been more mercurial, which makes my body more uncomfortable, and the pages I’ve been doing have been very challenging, requiring lots of special effects and digital painting that I can’t model in the base art. It all adds up to not being able to get the page done in a single week.

Rather than rush it, and produce a lower-quality page, or push myself too hard and hurt myself, I’m going to say that the target is a weekly post date, but if the page isn’t ready, it will be up the NEXT post date.  I can’t let myself slide too far, or I’ll just slide into oblivion, but I have to be realistic and give myself extra time when I really need it.

This week’s page is very complex and very important to the storyline, so I want to take some extra time to do it right.  It won’t be up for Monday, but WILL be up for the Monday after that.  I’m going to be spending a bunch of time getting the next arc put together as well, so we’ll see how time comes together.  I may need to ask for some guest art if anyone is willing to contribute some.