“Flash! Be on the lookout for giant, heavily-mutated weasels, which appear to have an inordinate appetite for comic artists of all sorts! These beasts can snarf up a comicker quicker than a frat boy can suck down a chilidog, so be careful out there, folks. If you’ve so much as scribbled a caricature on a napkin, one of these creatures can sniff you out at a distance of six blocks, and according to Professor Everett T. Mungbat of the Academy for Creatures that Eat Cartoonists, which we find to be wholly gratuitous and rather convenient, the word ‘weasel’ is one of the funniest words in the English language to say.  Stay low. Be careful. Don’t scribble on anything.”

No, I haven’t been eaten by a mutant weasel.  I’m working on the next page, and will have it posted in the next few days. Things have been slow, with many days of discomfort, wedged between an online comic class and a drawing tutor coming once a week. The treatment I got on my neck helped, inasmuch as my right arm no longer feels like it is being chewed on…well, by a mutant weasel… but there were side effects I’d rather not describe, because they’re annoying, and just as the pain went down in one part of my body, it popped up worse in another. So while my drawing arm is in better shape, my neck itself feels like someone smacked it with a crowbar.

But I’m still working on the comic, and will post it as I’m able. I haven’t given up.