Jenny Everywhere aka “The Shifter” is an open source, public domain character. She was specifically created to be as such, when her creators could not find any other truly open source, public domain characters.

Jenny Everywhere is described both as existing in every reality and being able to shift between realities. This gives the character the ability to be inserted into the continuity of any existing or new work, such as various comics or webcomics. The concept may be extended to other media as well. She was originally created by Canadian comic book artist Steven Wintle, who uses the internet alias Moriarty, and co-developed by members of the Barbelith online community.

The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.

The “license” is self-explanatory. However, it should be clarified that it does not mean everything with Jenny Everywhere is free-use and uncopyrighted. People may still maintain copyrights on their own unique characters and character styling, story, artwork, and title.  This particular work is copyrighted by Gwendolyn Patton.  If you wish to have a Jenny Everywhere story, you’re free to make your own.  Don’t appropriate this one.

The name, the character herself, and the idea of the character is uncopyrightable, because she already belongs to everyone. That is what is meant by the “All Rights Reversed” portion.

The Creator(s):

Gwendolyn Patton

Hi, I’m Gwen.  I’m disabled from a car accident I had back in 2006, so technology is my window to the world.  Amateur radio, the Internet, writing, and now artistry are all ways I’m exploring to keep myself sane in a world where I’m not quite as able as I used to be.  I found that I needed to completely change how I live my life — when you can’t sit at a desk and work a whole day anymore, it changes your outlook on things.   The comic is a form of occupational therapy for me, a way to reach out into the world, to be creative with everything I have, to share a bit of myself with the world a bit at a time.  A bit at a time is all I can do, anymore.

I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my lifepartner Maggie and our little kitten huge cat Nelirikk.

Siobhan McCallen

Moi?  I’m just a figment of someone’s electronic imagination.  Move along, move along, nothing to see here…

Seriously, I’m a virtual avatar.


Jenny Everywhere:  AKA “The Shifter”.  See above.  She may also have different appearances, when different Jenny Everywheres show up from different realities.  They may or may not share memories, but they always can.  At least, that’s what they’ve always thought.

Wait, There Seems To Be A LOT Of  KINDS of Jenny…

That’s because Jenny is Everywhere, kind of like Elvis.  There’s a lot of universes, and that means there’s a lot of Jenny.  Since not all universes are exactly the same, not all Jennies are exactly the same.  They’re still Jenny Everywhere (or Nowhere, but that’s Something Else Entirely), but she may have a different build, a different hair color or style, different clothes, somewhat different behavior patterns…different race…

Yes, different race.  She might be a different race of human, or different species all together.  She might be a humanoid, an anthropomorphic animal, a just plain animal, or a sentient scarf with goggles, who knows what kind of life is in that universe?  (Jack Chalker’s “Uchjin” race from the Well World were like flying, animated paint-smears that looked a lot like scarves. Give one a pair of goggles…you get the picture.)  I have a number of different Jennies in this comic.  Some look similar or nearly the same.  Many look wildly different.  Some are totally different.  Some are not Jenny Everywhere.  We’ll meet them eventually.

What’s “Quark Time”?

Well, you see, there’s these quarks, and there’s this time…

Honestly, just wait for it.

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